Rachel Joy Rockey

I am here for what it is you are seeking.

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Rachel Joy Rockey, MS, LPC 

What is your threshold? Where are you ready to go?  

Do you crave another person to walk with you into the wilderness ahead of you? Do you desire to release the heaviness of things which no longer serve you? Are you interested in the alchemy around shedding the weighted history of parts of your life, and converting it to compost to renew you? Do you long for your roots to be unbounded and nurtured so you go grow towards what makes sense to you?

Do you hold a sense within you that there is more to this one wild life? Is it feeling tight and compact inside your life, so much so that you are ready to stretch to a bigger more expanded version of the being that is you?

I am here. I am willing to commit to your path. 


  • Therapy sessions

  • Mentoring

  • Counseling in collaboration with an astrologer

  • Reiki sessions

  • Reiki clearing

  • Counseling 

  • Energy work

  • Mental health and social service worker mentoring

  • Development of Intuitive knowing, balance, grounding and access to ones innate sense with their psychic self

  • Delving deep into area of what it means to be an “edge walker” and how to negotiate ‘the eye of the needle’ moments where we need to pull through those things we know deeply from the place of initial knowing into the realm of lived experience. 


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