Hi, my name is Rachel.

I am a sensate learner and experiencer. I will translate your words through my sensory experience.

I am intellectually inclined and wax philosophical with clients to help make meaning of things which are hard to put into words.

I am an edgewalker. A person who has learned through hard and extreme experiences how to walk the beam between the worlds of life and death, respectively. It is balance when you are this type of human being. It can be hard to negotiate the underworld texture of the rooted aspects of oneself when it is dark, murky and threatening to our psyche.

I use metaphor, dreaming, astrology, tarot and the Earth to guide my words, actions and heart. I trust in the unknown and seek its wisdom as I walk with the people who share their path with me. 

I am not perfect! I am open to dialogue with you around what you need, want and feel. I want you to feel safe telling me who you are. If that involves asking me questions, I encourage it. I use my life as a platform for conversations as we walk together in the unknown landscapes of your world.

I take words, VERY seriously. What we say informs the narrative we tell ourselves, thus informing our brain, thus impacting the body. I want to help you create the words that mean something to YOU and you soley. Defining the words which fit inside your body and reclaiming your authority inside those words is primary to my work as well. 

You are not alone; but you are.  Existentialism fuels my work, we live, we die. How we live within this reality is where we find our voice, our vision, our healing and our footsteps each moment. 

Now that you know me, I want to know you. Let’s open the dialogue. Contact me, or schedule a call with me.